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TESTIMONIAL: As a start-up technology company we knew that we had tremendous growth potential and we needed a program in place that meets our present needs and remain relevant in the future. Elcho’s approach is direct, and she is very discreet, professional, and knowledgeable.

Elcho identified our pain before making any recommendations. Her presentations were interactive and engaging and she made it easy to understand the different options available. She either knew the answers to our questions or knew where to find them. Her knowledge of product, process, tools, technology, the market, and the assessment of the strengths and weakness of the Life Insurance suppliers gave us the necessary confidence in making the decision to use her as our broker, both on a corporate and personal level.

We highly recommend her as a personal life insurance agent as well as a broker for business insurance.

Allison O’Shaugnessy, Founder, Director of HR & Facilities – Live QoS (formerly -IPeak Networks), Kanata ( Matthew Williams, Founder, Chief Technical Officer – IPeak Networks, Kanata, Ontario

GROUP INSURANCE (Employees’ Benefit Program)

A good Employee’ Benefit Program can determine whether or not your company is considered by highly coveted job candidates, will have good employee retention and low absenteeism, among other advantages. Options include basic Life and Health Insurance, Dental, Disability, pension, group RRSPs and much more. You can administer the plans or allow the trusted brokers at Weblife to do it for you. There are choices for individuals or as few as two to three employees. Elcho can work with you to come up with the program that you are most comfortable with. EM:


Where would the money come from to buy out a partner if he or she wants to discontinue the partnership or, worse yet, becomes disabled? Find out the Life Insurance solutions available to you.


Businesses purchase Key Person Life, Disability, and/or Overhead Insurance to cover individuals within their organization whose disability would cause the company financial hardship or even bankruptcy. The Key Person coverage provides cash flow to help a company move forward with operations, hire a temporary employee – in case of short-disability, or defray the cost of hiring and training a replacement of a key employee who is permanent disability.

You will come to rely on the professionalism at Weblife if you or your employee is a Key Person in your company who should be insured.


Should the owner of a business or practice experience a disability, Business Overhead Expense (BOE) coverage is designed to reimburse the business for overhead expenses such as:

  • Rent or mortgage payments,
  • Utilities,
  • Leasing costs,
  • Maintenance,
  • Accounting/billing and collection service fees,
  • Business insurance premiums,
  • Employee salaries, and employee benefits,
  • Property tax, and other regular monthly expenses.
  • Wouldn’t you like to know that your bills will be paid while you are recovering?  Find out how Business Overhead-Expense Insurance can help you.


If you are passionate about your favourite charity, find out how you can set up a program to donate to and have your premiums tax deducted.

You can work with our associates – Dan McCarthy and Elcho Stewart to see which insurance and investment solution is right for you. Contact us

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