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TESTIMONIAL: Elcho has been my RRSP fund-adviser for a number of years. Elcho has a keen knowledge of industry-trends and movements which has benefited me. Her timely advice on investments allows me to protect portfolio gains from market/fund downturns. I have also benefited from her advice when adjustments needed to be made to my portfolio to match my changing needs. Elvis. M., Scarborough, Ontario

Whether you are interested in RRSPs, RRIFs, GICs, Segregated Funds, TFSA, or RESPs, Weblife Financial provides a wide portfolio of products to choose from regardless of your needs. Our customers care about:

  • saving
  • the stability of their Pension Plan
  • outliving their retirement savings
  • inflation and decreasing buying power
  • market down turns during early stage of retirement
  • having access to their investment, and
  • estate planning

Weblife Financial is a licensed Segregated Fund broker. Seg Funds are a form of mutual funds offered by life insurance companies. They offer investors an opportunity to ‘grow’ their investment capital (the money they invest), and provide access to professional fund management.

Segregated Fund contracts are insurance contracts known as individual variable annuities that offer death benefits and maturity guarantees. We are big on Seg funds because of:

  • their growth potential comparable to those available for mutual funds,
  • their written guarantees - valuable wealth protector features only available through a life insurance company
  • the beneficiary designation  - an added feature that bypasses the need for probate and can protect your assets against creditors – only available through a life insurance company.

Find out how we can get you started or better manage your Segregated RRSP or RRIF. Supply your information to contact us.

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